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Failure to yield right of way result’s in motorcyclist’s death

Many people in the Atlanta area love riding their motorcycles. Very few things can compare to the thrill of riding. However, there is a dark side to motorcycles that riders often forget about. Motorcycles are dangerous. Riders are likely to sustain critical injuries and die from another driver’s negligence, impairment, inattentiveness and mistakes. Injured motorcyclists often require extensive medical treatment. They and their families may pursue legal action to recover compensation from individuals who are responsible for their circumstances. 

An overview of the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

Motorcycles are common on Georgia roadways, but due to their size, they are more likely to become involved in a serious accident. Motorcycle riders have little protection against injury when they are involved in a crash, making this form of transportation quite dangerous and often deadly. However, the state wants to help riders improve their skills and stay safer on the roads, which is why the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program was introduced by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. 

Riding your motorcycle safely

Whether you are a new motorcycle owner or an experienced rider, the experience of traveling Georgia roads in the open air is both exhilarating and exciting. Taking into account the unique risks you face as a motorcyclist can help you drive safer and avoid potential dangers that could cause severe injury. At Green & Delan LLC, we are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents.

Do I have to wear a helmet to ride in Georgia?

Motorcycles are very vulnerable on Georgia roadways. Being much smaller than other vehicles on the road, they can be easily overlooked. When accidents happen, motorcyclists are at a high risk for serious injuries. That is why the state has enacted helmet laws. If you ride a motorcycle in the state of Georgia, you must wear a helmet, according to Consumer Reports. Unlike many other states, there is not an age limit on the helmet requirements. Regardless of how old you are or how long you have had your motorcycle license, you must wear a helmet to legally ride your bike on public roads.

5 ways motorcyclists can protect themselves and prevent crashes

Operating any type of motor vehicle requires a certain amount of skill and responsibility. Drivers need to be properly trained and licensed, and they must understand that their actions directly affect their safety and the safety of everyone around them. This duty is the same whether you operate a massive commercial vehicle or a much smaller motorcycle.

Riding into danger: 5 motorcycle crash facts you may not know

Most people know that motorcycles are more dangerous to ride than other motor vehicles simply because of their nature. As the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety so aptly explains, "riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so they're more likely to be injured or killed." But beyond this, few people think much more about the dangers of motorcycle riding or even about the statistics associated with motorcycle crashes.

How to keep Georgia motorcyclists safe

Every day, motorcycle riders across the country are injured in accidents with passenger vehicles. In the state of Georgia, conditions are no different. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that in the first 9 months of 2013, 102 motorcyclists were killed. That number only lowered slightly in 2014 as 101 motorcycle fatalities occurred during the same time period.

Motorcycle accidents often deadly for riders

Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage on Georgia roads. Even when motorcycle drivers are wearing proper safety equipment and taking all necessary precautions, negligent drivers can cause devastating motorcycle accidents. A recent accident between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle left one person dead.

Proposed bill could make motorcycle accidents more dangerous

Most motorcyclists understand the importance of protective gear while on the road. Drivers of larger motor vehicles are at a distinct advantage when involved in motorcycle accidents, and they often escape unscathed while motorcycle riders suffer extensive injuries. Helmets are a truly invaluable aspect of protection for motorcycle riders, but some state lawmakers are attempting to make the roads a little more dangerous for Georgia bikers.

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