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How can you constructively possess drugs?

At Green & Delan LLC in Atlanta, we know that when you face drug possession charges, your life becomes very complicated very quickly. Depending on which drug(s) law enforcement officials allege you possessed, how much of it, and your purpose in possessing it or them, your freedom could be at stake and you will, at the very least, pay a high monetary fine if convicted.

What is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

Like many other states in the country, Georgia is battling with the opioid epidemic. The state has developed resources to help combat the drug problem. One of those is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The Georgia Department of Public Health explains the PDMP is designed to help monitor controlled substances being prescribed and dispensed. It also acts as an information resource about patients and their drug prescription history, so medical providers can also better monitor usage.

What should you look for in an effective drug treatment program?

If you have a loved one who is suffering from the consequences of a drug addiction, chances are you have considered the assistance of a drug treatment program to provide support and incentive to help your loved one overcome his or her challenges. When you are looking for a facility in Georgia, it is imperative that you do your research to find a place that is capable of providing quality care on a level that is compatible with your loved one's needs and personal requirements. Fortunately, with a basic knowledge of the things you should look for in a drug diversion program, you may feel much more confident when making a selection.

Marijuana and the law in Georgia

Marijuana law reform has been a popular issue in recent years. At this point, over half of the nation has some sort of medical marijuana program and a good handful of states also allow for some type of recreational use. While Georgia still strictly regulates the use of cannabis, state laws have been changing.

3 ways to make things worse if you are arrested on drug charges

People all across Atlanta are arrested for drug possession, distribution or trafficking offenses after traffic stops. If you are sitting in the back of a police car in handcuffs after this type of stop, you might think at this point, the damage is done. You are getting arrested and now you'll have a stain on your criminal record.

3 things to remember if your teen is arrested for a drug crime

Any parent who gets a call that their child was arrested for a drug or alcohol crime can feel overwhelmed with emotions, from anger and disappointment to fear and anxiety. Parents can feel as though they have failed somehow, or that their child is a bad kid who is destined for a life of bad decisions.

Georgia law enforcement agencies arrest 8 on drug charges

A Georgia high school was the subject of a months-long investigation that ultimately led to multiple arrests. Two law enforcement agencies teamed up in order to conduct the investigation, some of which included undercover efforts at the school. A total of eight people were arrested, at least one of whom is a minor.

Georgia prison employees indicted for alleged law violation

Nearly 50 people were recently indicted on federal charges for drug trafficking. All of those indicted were either prison officers or guards at some point in the past two years and have been accused of accepting bribes in return for violating Georgia state drug trafficking law. The federal investigation was launched after an out-of-state inmate was apparently able to orchestrate criminal activity through the use of a contraband cell phone.

Court date approaches for man accused of violating law

Currently incarcerated in another state, a 20-year-old man will soon be returned to Georgia where he will face allegations of marijuana possession. In addition to supposedly violating state drug law, police also claim that he was in possession of tools specifically used for burglary. However, it is unclear whether he will return in time to make his next court date.

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