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How can you tell if your child's head injury is serious?

You were enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Georgia at the neighborhood park with your children when one of them falls off of the playground equipment. Your initial reaction is to rush to your child, assess his injuries and rush home to give treatment. Now you may be wondering just how severe your child's head injury is. Sometimes, head injuries can be complicated in that they take longer to show than other types of injuries. 

Baby suffers significant trauma after attack by family dog

For many Georgia parents, one of their worst nightmares is the thought of their children suffering injuries that require excessive medical treatment and rehabilitation. However, sometimes accidents are unavoidable and despite determined efforts to prevent disaster, injuries are inevitable. 

Suggestions for keeping your child safe while driving in a car

If you are the parent of small children in Georgia, chances are they accompany you a majority of the time when you need to travel somewhere in the car. Contrary to what many parents think, while strapping your child into their safety seat can be a life-or-death decision if you are involved in a car accident, your preparation to travel ahead of time can also contribute to their safety. If you are involved in a car accident, planning ahead can at least reduce the chances of your child experiencing debilitating injuries. At Green & Delan, LLC, we are experienced in providing legal assistance to victims of car accidents and are familiar with the risks that motorists face each day.

Child injuries and car accidents

Many people do not think much about children and car accidents in Atlanta until they are involved one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency rooms treat approximately 150 young car accident victims every hour. Many other kids sustain life-threatening injuries or die in those accidents. 

Slip-and-fall accidents at school

Now that autumn is almost here in Atlanta, one issue that parents should take some time to think about is slip-and-fall accidents that happen in school. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, hospitals treat almost 2.8 million children for nonfatal fall injuries. Not all children are fortunate enough to survive their accidents. Some slip-and-fall incidents that happen in school zones result in brain trauma and death. 

Are bounce houses dangerous for children?

If you and your family have ever visited a Georgia street fair, county fair or outdoor birthday party, you have probably come across a bounce house, or an inflatable play area where kids jump, bounce and sometimes suffer injury. In addition to running the risk of suffering injuries caused by bumping into or landing on one another, kids also face risks if bounce houses are not properly erected and secured, something the media has paid considerable attention to in recent years.

4 types of accidents that can happen in an amusement park

Did you know that nearly 31,000 amusement-park related injuries were treated in U.S. emergency rooms last year? This number is likely higher than most people expect, so it is important to be aware of the potential dangers that could cause serious injury to you or your child if you have plans to visit these attractions.

Keep your kids safe from dog bites this summer

Did you know that your child is at an increased risk of being bitten by a dog during the summer months? That is according to researchers who say that factors like increased irritability for dogs during the summer and increased time spent outside by kids contribute to a rise in biting incidents.

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