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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

What things should I not do when near an aggressive driver?

As an Atlanta area resident, you are no stranger to driving in rapidly changing road conditions. You are also aware that not all motorists are calm and responsible. Some individuals are in a rush, angry and looking for an excuse to intimidate or harm any driver that ticks them off. Aggressive motorists are a real problem on the roads. Their reckless and careless driving behavior puts motorists at risk of accidents, harm and in some cases, death. 

Sleep deprived drivers just as dangerous as drunk motorists

Many people in the Atlanta area are aware of how dangerous drunk drivers can be. However, many of them might not realize that drowsy drivers are just as treacherous. According to U.S. News & World Report, fatigue is linked to 20 percent of fatal car accidents. The number of motor vehicle collisions that cause injuries and property damage is much higher. 

Do seat belts really save lives?

You have probably heard many times that you should always wear your seat belt when you are traveling in a vehicle. You have probably had it drilled into your head that wearing it will save your life if you are in an accident. However, you may also wonder if this is really true. Do seat belts save lives?

How common are car accident injuries?

When car accidents happen in Atlanta, it is not always easy for people to deal with the aftermath. Witnesses and bystanders may find themselves feeling horrified by the events. Victims and their loved ones often find themselves struggling to recover from their injuries and stress. There are many factors involved in motor vehicle collisions that determine the type and seriousness of injuries, such as road and weather conditions, vehicle speed and design, driver behavior and if seatbelts were in use. 

Is drunk driving still a problem in Georgia?

For so many decades now Georgia residents have been presented with public awareness campaigns, statistics and education warning them about the dangers of drinking and driving. Whether in driver's education classes or on roadside billboards, this message has been delivered time and time again. It would be understandable that you might feel that others have appropriately heard this message and are today making better choices. Sadly, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest otherwise.

Car crash leaves one teen critical, kills 3 others

Many parents and teens in Atlanta are not aware of how dangerous the roads are for novice drivers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of teens who were injured in car accidents and treated in emergency rooms across the country in 2014 was 221,313. Motor vehicle collisions are the biggest cause of death for this age group. 

Why is correct car seat installation important?

As a parent, you know the importance of putting your child in a car seat every time he or she rides in a vehicle. However, what you may not realize is that incorrectly installing the car seat or putting your child into the seat wrong could put your child at risk or even increase the risk for injuries in a crash. That is why it is essential for you and all parents in Georgia to learn about proper installation and use of car seats before using them.

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