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April 2018 Archives

Can you be arrested for a DUI if you were not driving?

If you think you must be driving your vehicle in order for the cops to arrest you for a DUI in Atlanta, you might be surprised to learn that is not the only way you can get a criminal charge. Driving while impaired is extremely risky and dangerous. Every 51 minutes, a drunk driving crash claims a life, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Challenging Breathalyzer results is often possible

Until receiving drunk driving charges of their own, most people never consider the various ways that people can defend themselves and challenge the charges. This is relatively normal, much in the same way that many people do not think about filing their taxes during much of the year, but this sort of thinking does put defendants at a distinct disadvantage.

How can you constructively possess drugs?

At Green & Delan LLC in Atlanta, we know that when you face drug possession charges, your life becomes very complicated very quickly. Depending on which drug(s) law enforcement officials allege you possessed, how much of it, and your purpose in possessing it or them, your freedom could be at stake and you will, at the very least, pay a high monetary fine if convicted.

Failure to yield right of way result’s in motorcyclist’s death

Many people in the Atlanta area love riding their motorcycles. Very few things can compare to the thrill of riding. However, there is a dark side to motorcycles that riders often forget about. Motorcycles are dangerous. Riders are likely to sustain critical injuries and die from another driver’s negligence, impairment, inattentiveness and mistakes. Injured motorcyclists often require extensive medical treatment. They and their families may pursue legal action to recover compensation from individuals who are responsible for their circumstances. 

What is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

Like many other states in the country, Georgia is battling with the opioid epidemic. The state has developed resources to help combat the drug problem. One of those is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The Georgia Department of Public Health explains the PDMP is designed to help monitor controlled substances being prescribed and dispensed. It also acts as an information resource about patients and their drug prescription history, so medical providers can also better monitor usage.

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