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Trucking accidents, cargo spills lead to sticky situations

When a commercial-sized truck is involved in a crash or accident, it's not just the massive size and weight of the truck that other motorists need to worry about. They also need to be prepared for the presence of hazards created by cargo spills.

Anything a truck is hauling has the potential to pose a threat to other motorists if it spills. Toxic waste can be poisonous; livestock can attack bystanders if they get loose; any heavy or large item can create dangerous roadway obstacles. No matter what a truck is hauling, cargo spills affect the safety of roadways and motorists, as illustrated by a recent incident involving an overturned truck and 7,500 pounds of "slime eels."

Sources report that the truck tipped over for some reason, spilling its cargo onto the road and other vehicles. The cargo consisted of eel-like fish that secrete a slimy substance under stress. 

Not surprisingly, the slime was substantial after the incident. It took extensive cleanup efforts to clear the slime and fish from the road.

Thankfully, no one was injured when the truck overturned, and no one was injured as a result of the slippery road conditions. However, in similar situations, the outcome can be very different.

Cargo spills can lead to road closures, traffic congestion and confusion as motorists try to navigate around unexpected obstacles. People can be crushed by falling objects or hit by other cars that are unable to avoid stopped traffic or debris. The damage to people and property can be extensive.

If you are hurt or lose a loved one in an accident caused by spilled cargo, then you can talk to an attorney about pursuing compensation for your damages.

However, it can be difficult to establish liability, as there may be multiple parties at fault. This can include the parties who loaded the cargo, the trucker who lost control of a truck or another motorist who caused the accident in the first place. Because of this and other legal challenges, it is wise to have legal representation when you file a claim.

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