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Why is it so important to review trucker logs after a crash?

When you are behind the wheel of your car, you don't have to think about recording what time it is or how long you've been driving. Commercial truckers, on the other hand, are required to keep these records either manually or electronically in a logbook. This book is typically one of the first places investigators look for answers in the event of an accident.

Reviewing these logbooks are essential in determining if a driver was in violation of Hours of Service regulations. These federal regulations set strict rules regarding the amount of hours a driver can be behind the wheel and when he or she must rest in order to combat fatigued driving among truckers.

A typical logbook entry will record the times and hours a trucker was off duty, in the sleeper berth, driving, and on duty but not driving.

A trucker will need to be in compliance with certain rules and limits. There are different categories including 10-hour driving limits, 14-hour driving limits, rest break requirements and mandatory hours for using a sleeper berth that will vary based on factors like the type of cargo the trucker is carrying.

If a logbook is accurate, it can be fairly simple to identify any violations of HOS regulations. You would be able to see missing rest breaks or excessive driving hours.

However, a trucker and/or a trucking company may try to falsify or adjust logbook entries to cover up violations. This can make it more difficult to see if a driver was breaking HOS regulations. However, it is not impossible.

Working with an attorney to investigate pieces like logbooks after a trucking accident can be crucial in identifying and uncovering violations. This information can support arguments that the trucker was not supposed to be behind the wheel and that perhaps fatigue played a role in the crash. Under these circumstances, victims of a trucking accident could be eligible to receive compensation for the extensive damages suffered in these types of collisions.

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