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3 ways to make things worse if you are arrested on drug charges

People all across Atlanta are arrested for drug possession, distribution or trafficking offenses after traffic stops. If you are sitting in the back of a police car in handcuffs after this type of stop, you might think at this point, the damage is done. You are getting arrested and now you'll have a stain on your criminal record.

However, there are two things to remember in this situation. First, arrested doesn't mean convicted. You are innocent until proven guilty. Second, your actions after an arrest can have a significant impact on your charges. This means you can still make your situation worse if you commit one of the following common mistakes that lead to escalated or additional charges.

  1. Resisting arrest or getting violent with police. Assaulting an officer, trying to run away or making it difficult for police to arrest you is not a good idea. Instead, stay calm, comply with police orders and ask to speak with an attorney immediately.
  2. Failing to show up for court dates. Whether you are released on bail or your own recognizance, you will need to show up for future court dates. Failure to do so will lead to warrants and possibly additional charges.
  3. Talking to law enforcement agents without an attorney. Anything you say without an attorney can be taken out of context or misremembered and then used against you in court. Further, if you talk to prosecutors without an attorney, you could wind up agreeing to a plea that is unfair or not in your best interests.

Making these mistakes after an arrest can be quite damaging to a person's case and legal options.

The flip side to this situation is that you can also make a few decisions after an arrest that have a positive impact on your situation. Being proactive in seeking counseling, attending school or work regularly and staying in compliance with any conditions of your release are just a few ways to put yourself in a positive light.

If you are arrested, discussing with your attorney any mistakes you made or positive steps you can take next can help you accurately assess your situation and the choices you have in front of you. With legal guidance, you can hopefully minimize the damage of a drug arrest.

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