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August 2015 Archives

Accident-related fatalities on Georgia roads are on the rise

Safety features on cars might be improving, but another factor could be driving more accident-related fatalities than ever. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) tracks the number of car accident fatalities every year, and the current numbers for 2015 are startling. So far, the state is on track to erase the progress it made over the past decade or so.

DUI charges filed against truck driver involved in fatal wreck

Despite how heavily America's consumer-based economy relies on big rigs to transport goods across state lines, truck drivers are still often given a bad rap by the general public. The driver of a tractor trailer was recently involved in a car wreck on a Georgia highway that left one person dead and several others injured. Although he was not actually in the cab of the truck at the time, police arrested the driver on DUI charges.

1 auto shop employee taken to hospital after a car accident

Most people in Georgia might expect the possibility of being injured in a car wreck while on the road, but not while inside a retail establishment. Shoppers at a local auto repair shop were likely caught off guard when an out-of-control vehicle caused an accident that injured at least one employee. Although damaged, the auto repair shop remained open for business.

Charged with a misdemeanor: Should you hire an attorney?

Petty theft. Disorderly conduct. Trespassing. Public intoxication. We have all heard of these relatively minor infractions -- also known as misdemeanors. For some reason, the word "misdemeanor" seems to translate into "no big deal." You may think you can pay a fine and be on your way. What you may not realize, however, is that misdemeanors can carry significant consequences that you might not be prepared to face.

Individual allegedly responsible for toddler's injury arrested

A Georgia toddler made national news headlines when he suffered critical injuries during a raid on a suspected drug house. Recent information brought to light that the evidence used to obtain the warrant was likely falsified. Additionally, the man that police were after was not even home at the time. Now the young boy and his family will have to live with the emotional and physical pain of his injury for the rest of their lives.

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