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May 2015 Archives

The 100 Deadly Days of Summer have begun

The fact that summer is upon us all is a reason to celebrate. Summer is traditionally a time to relax, to enjoy the outdoors, to gather with loved ones and to simply appreciate the long days and warm nights. However, summer does have certain downsides. Traditionally, summer is also associated with mosquito bites, sun burns and too much to drink. Unfortunately, that last association tends to lead to drunk driving arrests and drunk driving crashes.

Synthetic drugs and the law

The term "bath salts" has taken on a double meaning in recent years. On the one hand, this phrase is used to describe tiny rocks or sand that one places under running water in the bath tub in order to soften and scent bath water. However, this phrase has also come to describe a group of synthetic drugs with appealing names like Blue Light, Purple Tranquility and Bliss.

Virtual reality used to send important distracted driving message

Whether you realized it or not, April was dubbed Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Even though the month is now over, distracted driving is an issue worth discussing at any and all times of the year. It continues to be a hazard in every state and a leading cause of car accidents nationwide.

Authorities in Georgia take teen drug charges very seriously

Being a parent can be hard enough. However, throw in to the mix drug charges for your minor son or daughter and everything suddenly becomes a lot more complicated. Understandably, you want to make sure your child gets the help he or she needs, but you also do not want to see one drug charge mess up their whole life. 

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