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January 2015 Archives

Be careful on the roads this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here. Whether you are going to be cheering for the Seahawks or the Patriots, it is important to remain careful when you leave your Super Bowl celebration. Many Americans will be gathering with friends, co-workers and loved ones in order to watch the game. Alcohol will be served at many of these gatherings. And whether you plan to drink or not, your drive home could be treacherous.

Why mass incarceration of American youths requires reform

Traditionally, the criminal justice system has been split into a path for adults and a path for juveniles. When an individual is charged with criminal wrongdoing, he or she is either sent down the adult or the juvenile path in accordance with that individual’s age. One of the primary reasons why two separate paths exist is that the justice system has long recognized that juveniles should generally be given the chance to be rehabilitated and reformed. As a result, juveniles have traditionally been given lighter sentences than adults accused of similar crimes.

New technology raises issue of search legality

Under the Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, law enforcement officers are prohibited from engaging in unreasonable searches and seizures, and must generally obtain a warrant supported by probable cause in order to conduct a search or make a seizure. With the increase of new technologies, protecting Fourth Amendment rights is more critical now than ever.

Getting ready to host an infant or toddler in your home

Do you have young nieces or nephews? Do you have friends who have recently had a baby? If you are likely to have a baby or your toddler home in the near future, it is important that you baby-proof or toddler-proof your home. You may be frustrated by this guidance, after all it is not you who has decided to have a baby or toddler, so why should you be expected to rearrange your home for someone else’s child? The short answer is that if you fail to make reasonable efforts to keep a guest infant or guest toddler safe in your home, you may be held accountable for your failure in court.

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