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Drunk Driving Archives

Ignition interlocks save lives

Drunk driving is an issue in Georgia as it is in every state. Officials have tried for years to find a method of deterrence that would reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads. After some time and observation, it seems there may finally be an effective way to drastically cut drunk driving numbers and save lives. This is the use of ignition interlocks.

Plan for sober ride home this Super Bowl Sunday

Football fans in the state are buzzing with excitement as the Atlanta Falcons prepare to take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl this Sunday. But anyone who plans on attending a Super Bowl party and drinking should also plan a sober ride home because a DUI is a surefire way to ruin the fun.

What issues can be contested in an implied consent hearing? P.2

Last time, we began looking at Georgia’s implied consent law, including the notice law enforcement is supposed to provide to drivers when requesting chemical testing. As we noted, motorists who have had their driving privileges suspended under implied consent law, whether because of refusing to submit or because of a finding of intoxication, are able to request a hearing.

What issues can be contested in an implied consent hearing?

Previously, we looked at a recent U.S. Supreme Court case dealing with the constitutionality of imposing criminal penalties on drivers who refuse to submit to alcohol testing under state implied consent laws. Implied consent law in Georgia is something that often must be dealt with alongside criminal penalties in drunk-driving cases.

Supreme Court: states may not criminalize blood test refusal

Readers may be familiar with the term implied consent, which refers to state implied consent laws under which licensed motorists are deemed to have consented to chemical testing for purposes of determining intoxication. Different states have different penalties for refusing to submit to chemical testing, with some imposing administrative or civil penalties and others imposing criminal penalties.

Georgia police arrest woman for violating DUI law after car wreck

Georgia police arrested a woman accused of being involved in a dangerous stunt while under the influence of alcohol. Accused of breaking the law that prohibits a driver from being intoxicated while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, she is currently facing state crime charges. Although the incident that led to her arrest did cause damage to both her vehicle and a parking structure, she did not appear to be injured.

The law entitles those facing charges in Georgia to obtain help

For various reasons, some that remain unknown, people in Georgia make choices in their daily lives that sometimes lead to criminal charges being filed against them. By law, any person accused of a crime, such as drunk driving, is presumed innocent unless and until proved otherwise in court. Those in such circumstances are entitled to obtain help in the form of legal representation so as to seek clarification of the legal issues at-hand and build a strong defense.

Woman arrested behind wheel of school bus for violating DUI law

Although no one was injured, a Georgia woman is in hot water after allegedly driving a school bus that she did not have permission to access. Police ultimately arrested her for driving without a license, felony theft, violating DUI law and various other allegations. It is not clear if she has been granted bail, but authorities are still continuing their investigation.

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