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Ignition interlocks save lives

Drunk driving is an issue in Georgia as it is in every state. Officials have tried for years to find a method of deterrence that would reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads. After some time and observation, it seems there may finally be an effective way to drastically cut drunk driving numbers and save lives. This is the use of ignition interlocks.

According to CNN, these devices are put on a convicted drunk driver's vehicle. The driver must activate the device before the vehicle will start by testing his or her blood alcohol level. If the level is over the state limit, the vehicle will not start. When they first began being used, many officials did not know if they were effective. However, a study released has shown they are effective and at high rates.

What makes teens a danger behind the wheel?

People often make jokes about teenagers who are learning to drive, saying the roads are less safe with a new driver behind the wheel. However, novice drivers may not be the teens you need to worry about sharing a road with you.

According to a recent study, teenage drivers who have been driving for at least a couple years are reportedly more dangerous than younger drivers are. There are a few reasons for this, including overconfidence.

4 types of accidents that can happen in an amusement park

Did you know that nearly 31,000 amusement-park related injuries were treated in U.S. emergency rooms last year? This number is likely higher than most people expect, so it is important to be aware of the potential dangers that could cause serious injury to you or your child if you have plans to visit these attractions.

Below, we examine four causes of amusement park injuries and discuss what you can do if you or a loved one is involved in an accident.

Taking a long trip? Safety comes first

The summer months are a great time for hitting the road. It doesn't matter if you are traveling alone or with your family, it's a good idea to know how to remain safe at all times.

While you don't have control over other drivers, you can control what goes on inside your vehicle. Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Get enough sleep before you leave. When you do this, you'll feel refreshed as you hit the road. Although you may become tired at some point during your trip, you know you'll feel good when you first get behind the wheel. When exhaustion sets in, it's time to pull over.
  • Stay hydrated. It's easy to become dehydrated when driving. If this happens, your energy level will fall and you may find it difficult to focus on the road.
  • Make regular stops. This may slow you down a bit, but it's better than taking the risk of staying on the road when you are tired.
  • Eat when you stop. You don't want to distract yourself by eating when driving, so make sure you fuel your body at each and every stop.
  • Keep good posture. The longer you are behind the wheel the easier it is to slouch in your seat. If you do this, it will eventually take a toll on your body. Sit up straight and you'll feel much better as you make your way down the road.

What are you most likely to injure in a motorcycle crash?

When we read about motorcycle accidents in the news, oftentimes they involve a rider fatality. This is devastating, considering how many accidents are preventable in the first place. However, a crash doesn't need to be fatal to be devastating.

Riders can suffer a wide range of non-fatal injuries if they are involved in an accident, and some body parts are more vulnerable than others. Below, we look at some of the most commonly injured parts of the body, as well as what you can do if you are among those injured in a motorcycle crash.

Trucking accidents, cargo spills lead to sticky situations

When a commercial-sized truck is involved in a crash or accident, it's not just the massive size and weight of the truck that other motorists need to worry about. They also need to be prepared for the presence of hazards created by cargo spills.

Anything a truck is hauling has the potential to pose a threat to other motorists if it spills. Toxic waste can be poisonous; livestock can attack bystanders if they get loose; any heavy or large item can create dangerous roadway obstacles. No matter what a truck is hauling, cargo spills affect the safety of roadways and motorists, as illustrated by a recent incident involving an overturned truck and 7,500 pounds of "slime eels."

Students face numerous penalties for criminal actions

As a parent, one of the last calls you want to receive is one from your child or the police saying that there has been an arrest. In these situations, parents are often outraged, scared and disappointed in their child.

However, if you receive this type of call, then you would be wise to stay calm and reach out to an attorney. While you may be tempted to give your child some tough love, the truth is that he or she could be facing severe penalties that threaten his or her future. Below, we examine some of these penalties.

Georgia motor vehicle deaths on the rise

One motor vehicle death is entirely too many. Unfortunately in the state of Georgia, this is becoming a bigger and bigger problem with each passing year.

The number of motor vehicle deaths in the state have increased by a third from 2014 to 2016. Not only is this the fifth highest increase in the United States, but it's more than two times the current national average.

Where do car accidents happen the most?

There is no way of knowing when a car accident will happen. Even when you do your best to avoid trouble on the road, a simple mistake by another driver could put you in a dangerous spot.

It's a good idea to know where car accidents happen the most. With this knowledge of your local area, it's easier to avoid trouble and remain safe at all times.

Holiday-related incidents that can lead to wrongful death claims

The Fourth of July should be a time to celebrate, relax and have fun with family and friends. Sadly, for too many people, this holiday becomes anything but joyful when a loved one is killed in an accident.

Holiday-related accidents can and do occur every year during Independence Day. Below, we examine a few of the more common incidents that lead to catastrophic injuries and death during this particular time of year.

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